Vykort från designhögskolorna: Designhögskolan Umeå universitet

Sommaren är här och vi blickar tillbaka till designhögskolornas vårutställningar. Idag: Designhögskolan Umeå universitet och mer specifikt MFA Transportation Design och ett projekt som ser vatten som möjlighet istället för problem.
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Dutch Water Ways av Lars Welten
MFA Transportation Design

”When exploring an original and relevant contribution to the continuing development of future transportation solutions, I was inspired by the unbalanced influence mankind has on our planet earth. Amongst other effects of climate change, sea level is rising and will result in uninhabitable areas by the end of this century. With this design project, I aimed at emitting a positive answer to climate change. The result showcases how with a different way of thinking the water that is coming no longer has to been seen as a problem, but instead can also be utilized as an opportunity for new types of sustainable living environments.”

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