Food design x 5 – our top favorites!

The great food design holiday is coming up: Christmas! Form gives you a bunch of inspiration for the family table, as an early Christmas gift. Enjoy!
Dining Shore, cutlery by Swedish designer Sara Hurtigkarl.

Steinbeisser Collection, tableware by Norwegian designer Stian Korntved Ruud.
Tribaling Mass-Production, tableware made by waste products from the food industry, including bones, hair and skin. By Eindhoven-based designer Maayan Pesach.
Heat Harvest, a device that captures wasted heat fom the kitchen table, as a greener way to charge your phone. By students at Ikea’s creative testlab Space10, Copenhagen.
Gelifoam, candy converted into building material. By Swedish graduates Catrin Sundberg and Kristel Almquist.

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