Emeli Höcks – new guestagrammer @formmagazine

Emeli Höcks is Form’s new guestagrammer at the Instagram account @formmagazine. She is a Gothenburg based designer who is really into material experiments. Emeli is also one of the 20 nominees in the design award Ung Svensk Form 2017 (Young Swedish Design) with her  “Compostable Composite”. Follow her @formmagazine between September 1st and 30th!

Emeli Höcks was nominated in Ung Svensk Form with the following jury statement:

”The experiment that shows us where we are right now, with the old behind us and newness on the horizon. Material research is becoming an increasingly prominent part of design schools, a genre that puts focus on the process rather than on a finished result. Emelie Höcks’s entry is also based on an interesting idea, about processing our food compost into a new dinner set.”


Follow Emeli Höcks September 1-30 on the following hashtags:


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