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Arkitekternas Rödfärgspris – some favourites among the nominees

Arkitekternas Rödfärgspris (The architects’ Red Color Award) rewards architecture that, through various solutions, shows how modern contemporary design meets traditional sludge – ranging from private villas and cabins to public buildings. The winner will be presented at the Red Color Prize gala on October 25th.

Below are four of the 16 nominees.

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Späckhuggaren, Kärna BornsteinLyckefors
Architect: Andreas Lyckefors, Per Bornstein och Johan Olsson
Photo: Bert Leandersson
Slottsskogens Magasin
Architect: Magnus Almung, arkitekt SAR/MSA
Photo: Felix Gerlach

Architect: Per Söderberg
Photo: Söderberg Stockholm

Project by Marge Architects
Brotorgets Scen
Architect: Pye Aurell Ehrström
Photo: Johan Fowelin

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