Joel Fjällström and Rebecca Petrini – new guestagrammers @formmagazine

Joel Fjällström and Rebecca Petrini are Form Magazine’s new guestagrammers @formmagazine on Instagram. They have recently graduated from Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, where Joel went to the Furniture Design programme and Rebecca went to the Furniture Upholstery programme. Together they have created the armchair Mammut, which is a part of this year’s edition of Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design).

The Ung Svensk Form jury statement was:
“Is it a hot dog or a very uncomfortable armchair? We see a sculptural and intriguing piece of furniture where contrasts meet, confident in design – and schoolmasterish. Mammut does give a soft impression, but it requires a strict posture.”

Joel Fjällström and Rebecca Petrini will go to Tokyo in October together with the Ung Svensk Form 2018 exhibition at the World Aoyama Building at DESIGNART TOKYO. Read more about it at Swedish Design Moves Tokyo

Mammut2 Portratt





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