Soviet Poster Art at Liljevalchs in Stockholm

Liljevalchs’ major autumn exhibition is an in-depth study of the Soviet Union of the 1920s. We will be presenting film and propaganda posters from a unique Japanese collection, produced during the brutal regimes of Lenin and Stalin by some of the foremost Soviet artists.

During a few years after the revolution, before social realist aesthetics became mandatory and the Great Terror started, Soviet poster art was probably the best on the planet and has been an influence (or, often, the influence) for generations of graphic designers ever since.

Man of Fire by Nikolaj Prusakov, 1929.

The Man with the Movie Camera by Georgij & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929.

Six Girls Seeking Shelters by Georgij & Vladimir Stenberg, 1928.
The Traitor by Georgij & Vladimir Stenberg, 1929.

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