Nationalmuseum reopens on 13 October – the kids got a sneak peek

After five years of moving, renovation and reconstruction, Nationalmuseum once again opens its doors to visitors on 13 October. But already yesterday, on October 10th the museum gave a sneak peek to school children from Boden in the north to Hässleholm in the south of Sweden. Very nice move!

Children at Nationalmueum, photo: Hans Thorwid
Window in one of the galleries facing the south courtyard., photo: Bruno Ehrs /NationalmuseumInterior_Nationalmuseum_41_Foto_Bruno_Ehrs
The sculpture courtyard, photo: Bruno Ehrs /Nationalmuseum

The new elevator tower in the south courtyard, photo: Bruno Ehrs /NationalmuseumNM_interior_16
Gallery 1920-1965, photo: Anna Danielsson/Nationalmuseum


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