Sustainable Chairs – five climate-smart Nordic chairs

The design competition Sustainable Chairs was launched a couple of months ago to promote the production of climate-smart furniture in Scandinavia. Here are the five winners!

Five cool, sustainable and very Nordic chairs have been chosen as winners of the Sustainable Chair design competition.

The competition is hosted by the Nordic Council of Ministers in collaboration with Danish Design Centre, DOGA, Iceland Design Centre, Ornamo in Finland and Svensk Form.

Denmark: The Coastal Furniture by Nikolaj Thrane Carlsen
“Sustainability in furniture design is not limited to the innovative use of materials. To design sustainably, is also to consider our heritage – for instance, think about the abundance of the Danish coastline – Marine plants, algae – seaweed is a fibrous material from nature’s source itself – and to us, a highly recognizable one. We are a region bound to our land – and our coasts – and now we are ready to display how these materials can be used in other fields, and in entirely new ways.”
Finland: Clash 331 by Samuli Naamanka
“Object should remain longer than you, timeless design and functionality are equally important. The best and most appreciated Finnish design has always based on that. Samuli Naamankas Clash 331 chair is an outstanding all-purpose chair. It is a chair designed for both public spaces and modern homes. The seat section is pressed at one time. ”
Iceland: Kollhrif by Sölvi Kristjánsson
“The stool is made of recycled aluminium from 14,400 tea lights and cork, which is a very environmentally friendly material. Its design is therefore not only about its visual appearance; it also considers environmental impact, recyclable materials, and multifunctionality.”NorwayWinner
Norway: HÅG Capisco by Petter Opsvik
“From an environmental perspective, HÅG Capisco demonstrates life cycle thinking and circularity throughout the entire design. The chair is durable, repairable and easy to disassemble. It is made of recyclable materials, of which 50 percent are recycled post-consumer plastics.”SwedenWinner
Sweden: Petite by David Ericsson
“With a weight of only 2.5 kilos the chair is extremely resource-efficient and sustainable both in the production process and for transportation. The chair pushes the limits for what is possible both from a design aspect and a technical perspective, and because it is made of hardwood it has a low carbon footprint. The chair is completely recyclable and four wooden screws, holding the back legs in place, are easy to remove and separate.”

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