Jasper Morrison curates the design section at Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale

Organized for the first time ever, the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale consists of three exhibitions supported by parallel programme. It will open to the public 19 May 2019. The design ensemble is curated by designer Jasper Morrison. Meet some of the designers here!


Keiji Takeuchi As a designer Keiji Takeuchi is interested in interpreting a phenomena where a thing becomes more than just an object but rather becomes an integral part of our life. He enjoys encountering such living objects in our everyday life. Image: Leeway seating family for Hermanmiller/Geiger


Julien Renault’s design process usually starts with an inspiration from his environment. He treasures the beauty found in everyday objects and the traces of manufacturing processes, hence his fascination for industrial standards. Their shape can create a spark in Julien’s mind and might result in a new project. Image: Board Table for A&B Home



Karin Widnäs has spent a significant part of her long artistic career on designing and making architectural elements in ceramics. ”As a material, clay is both intriguing and inspiring. For me, an important starting point is a dialogue between architecture and the ceramic elements specifically designed for it. The right selections in clay, shape and firing create a harmonic final result.”


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