05_Transoccupation by MARCH studio ©MARCH studio

Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is an international architecture and urban-planning festival with a diverse programme This year’s theme is Beauty Matters and the biennale is open between 11 September–3 November 2019. Head Curator is Dr. Yael Reisner.

00_Dr Yael Reisner_TAB 2019 Head Curator ©NAARO
Dr Yael Reisner, TAB 2019 Head Curator03_Beauty-ful(l) life by Kadri Kerge ©Kadri Kerge
Beauty-ful(l) life by Kadri Kerge ©Kadri Kerge05_Transoccupation by MARCH studio ©MARCH studio
Transoccupation by MARCH studio ©MARCH studio

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