Stars from 2019: Åsa Jungnelius

Another year of design, fashion, crafts and architecture has come to an end. Form Magazine asks the design world citizens about their most memorable moments of 2019.

What was the best thing that happened for your own business?
At bit of everything. Residence-In-Nature has continued with the nomadic art project Mammas hus in Lainio where we’re developing a flora, a process-focused work that time and again teaches me and opens me up to new insights. The exhibition Artefakter; Sakernas härkomst was featured at Vandalorum, where Emily Fahlen and I hold an important talk with Gunilla Palmstierna- Weiss, where her practice serves as inspiration for how the proportions of a single pot gives us experience in acting in various scales, and thereby uses material experience in various contexts that create new meaning.
Åsa Jungnelius, Artist and Lecturer, Konstfack

Mammas hus in Lainio
Artefakter; Sakernas härkomst


Photo on top of the page: Märta Thisner

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