Stockholm Furniture Fair: Designer Fredrik Paulsen creates the Design Bar 2020

It’s soon time for Stockholm Furniture Fair. Genre-defying designer Fredrik Paulsen has been commissioned to create the Design Bar for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, February 4–8, 2020. The menu this time round will be composed by chefs Marion Ringborg and Linn Söderström from pop-up restaurant Garba.

– Stockholm can be bleak in February, so I want to transport visitors to the place of their dreams. I’ve looked at the promenades of the French Riviera, bars on the Balearic Islands, casinos in Las Vegas and amusement parks such as Coney Island. I’m hoping to design a meeting place where people feel welcome and inspired, Paulsen says.

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A few examples of Fredrik Paulsen’s previous works:

Etage Projects at NOMAD Monaco
Table and updated version of Demountable Chair for the Omnipollo HQ

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