Formex Nova Nominees 2020: Stine Mikkelsen

The Danish textile designer Stine Mikkelsen is one of the five nominees for the Formex Nova Award – Nordic Designer of the Year.  The winner will be presented in August 2020 at Formex.

Stine Mikkelsen, Denmark
Stine Mikkelsen is a textile designer with BA and MA, from Kolding School of Design, Denmark. She also has MA in Knitted Textiles from Royal College of Art, London, UK and MA Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. During 2019 she exhibited at Crossovers, Adorno, London Design Fair, UK Collectible Design Fair, Belgium Now Nordic and The Art of Sitting, TOOLSGALERIE, Paris, France.

The jury’s motivation:
“Design with interesting combination of materials in luminaires, smaller objects, textile design, sculptures or mural works. Design that makes you wonder how it was made, from what and how it is used.”


Tactile Monoliths


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