Stockholm Design Week: MISSCHIEFS

Misschiefs is a groundbreaking feminist nomadic exhibition of contemporary design showcasing a unique group of 10 Swedish women designers + guests selected for the punk nature of their work, at the crossing of design, craft and art.

MISSCHIEFS will first be revealed in Stockholm during Stockholm Design Week in February. The exhibition spans over 200m2 in an empty apartment inside the Bångska Palace, a historical edifice from 1883. The building is situated in the heart of Stureplan, Stockholm’s most famous and central public square soon to be renovated as part of a major urban redevelopment of the area.

All the designers and artists were given the same brief to create one new and exclusive piece of functional art in a limited edition of three only.

Read more about the designers here 

Misschiefs tour dates:
Stockholm, February 4 – 22
Milan, April 18 – 30
Marseille, TBA
Paris, TBA

Photos: Kimberly Ihre

MISSCHIEFS5 photos©kimberlyihre
Farvash Razavi
MISSCHIEFS2 photos©kimberlyihre
Sara Szyber
MISSCHIEFS3 photos©kimberlyihre
Åsa Jungnelius
MISSCHIEFS4 photos©kimberlyihre
Anna Nordström

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