The Kinship Project at Sven Harrys Konstmuseum

The Kinship Project is an experimental project with five participant designers.

How deeply connected are we towards our language of form? Do we dare to let anyone else get close and lose something? Do we dare to give away to see through their eyes? Through a collaborative method and inspiration from antropologiacal kinship system, five designers conduct a project who starts individually but in at least two parts become infiltrated of form elements from each other. All in a given schematic order. For each generation fragments, expression, parts is inherited from the generation above. How does it affect the result and its forms, what happens inside us, what is the outcome? Does it create diversity, development or rectifying?

The project is owned and initiated by Margot Barolo. Supported and funded by Beckmans College of Design. The project examines methods and design production and is a sub project to the project “Design as a mean”.

The exhibition The Kinship Method – The Last Session is on view between January 24th and February 9th at Sven-Harrys konstmuseum in Stockholm.

DESIGNERS: Andreas Nobel, Mia Cullin, Erik Björk, Fredrik Paulsen, Margot Barolo
WRITER AND MODERATOR: Salka Hallström Bornhold
PHOTOGRAPHER: Karin Björkquist
PARTNERS: Mitab, Tärnsjö Garveri, Kummelholmen Konsthall

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