New guests on Instagram: Nonhuman Nonsense

Nonhuman Nonsense is a research-driven design/art duo creating near-future fabulations and experiments somewhere between utopia and dystopia. They seek the contradictory and the paradoxical to tell stories that open the public imaginary to futures that currently seem impossible. It consists of Leo Fidjeland and Linnea Våglund.

Their Pink Chicken Project was recently awarded in Ung Svensk Form 2020 (Young Swedish Design) with the following jury citation:
“Skilfully made, speculative design that does the job. It makes us raise our eyes, alter perspectives and fantasise about other futures in an unimaginably long time frame. Do we really want to end up as pink sediment? Pink Chicken looks death in the eye, but with a smile.”

Nonhuman Nonsense are guestagrammers @formmagazine until February 14th.
Follow them here (and learn all about the Pink Chicken Project)

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