New guestagrammer: Mattis Dallmann

Form Magazine’s Instagram account @formmagazine is currently being hosted by fashion designer Mattis Dallmann. He is originally from Germany, but has lived in Sweden for the last two years and graduated from the MA program at Swedish School of Textiles just last year. His project With / Out took him to Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) 2020, an exhibition that is now on tour in Sweden.

–This project explores modern definitions of masculinity in fashion. The body is often secondary when it comes to the male silhouette. I have challenged this by creating an extra body, printed on organza and placed on top of archetypical men’s clothes, Dallmann says.

Jury citation
Materiality that strives to capture the image we project of the physical body, and that doesn’t quite fit into the tailored man’s uniform. It’s a tender, close-up portrait of masculinity through the ages, a digital shroud for the outdated male role.

Folllow Mattis Dallman here March 16-27

Photo above: Rana Van Pellecom




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