Ilkka Suppanen winner of Kaj Franck Design Prize 2020

Designer, interior architect Ilkka Suppanen has been selected as the recipient of the Kaj Franck Design Prize 2020, granted by Design Forum Finland. The Kaj Franck Design Prize is one of the most significant design prizes in Finland, and it will be granted for the 29th time this year.

Ilkka Suppanen has designed furniture, lighting fixtures and consumer products such as glassware for several Finnish and international companies. His portfolio also includes architecture, exhibition design and art projects. During his career, Ilkka Suppanen has received several significant design prizes. In 2000, Design Forum Finland selected him to be the first Young Designer of the Year. He received the world’s largest design prize, the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg’s Prize, worth of one million Swedish crowns, in 2015.


Flying Carpet sofa, Cappellini, design Ilkka Suppanen
Kaasa candle holder, Iittala, design Ilkka Suppanen
Villa Ilo, Helsinki, architecture Ilkka Suppanen
Photo: Paavo Lehtonen

Kaj Franck Design Prize is a part of the new Design Forum Finland Awards concept and the members of the jury are: CEO Petteri Kolinen / Design Forum Finland, Executive Director Pilvi Kalhama / Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA, Advocate Pentti Kivinen / Finnish Fair Foundation, curator, journalist Isa Kukkapuro and designer, Professor Heikki Orvola.




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