Copenhagen Islands

Have you ever seen a ”parkipelago”? The Copenhagen Islands by Danish design studio Fokstrot and Marshall Blecher will be an example of just that.

The intention is to renew the proud traditions of the Danish harbor life, by strengthening the social cohesion and awareness of the maritime life in, and around the harbor. The activities and functions of each island are flexible, depending on its position in the harbor and the time of the year.

Fonded by Statens Kunstfond and Havnekulturpuljen, the prototype CPH-Ø1 was launched at sea. CPH-Ø1 is a 20 m2 hand made wooden platform with a linden tree at its centre.

The project, as a concept, is launched to create a stronger focus on an improved harbor environment, the global climate changes and the increased water levels – some of the biggest problems the world is facing today.

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