Exam Projects 2020: Designed for Adventure and Prepared for Disaster (DAPD) by Wilma Lindbäck

DAPD is a device that simplifies communication and increases safety off grid. A system that is “Designed for Adventure and Prepared for Disaster”.

“It can be really tricky to keep track of each other in mountain areas. Currently on the market you find expensive outdoor watches designed for when the accident has already occurred, when it’s too late. In contradiction to this I wanted to create a safe solution that was both affordable and user friendly, whether an accident had occurred or not.

The device lets the user track and communicate with surrounding DAPD users and provides destination guidance to preregistered meeting points or a home base. DAPD automatically detects accidents and sends out a signal to all nearby devices so you get help as fast as possible, regardless of the network connection. DAPD combines the technology of radio waves, GPS and MEMS into a wearable device, which has the ability to work in off grid areas”.

BFA Industrial Design, Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, 2020.



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