Exam Projects 2020: Use it, break it, fix it and repeat by Tobias Flodström

Tobias Flodström’s exam project explores renovation and design. Design can easily be reduced to the finished result. It becomes just a beautiful object that when worn out is thrown away.

“We designers have a responsibility to create good design that helps people make wise choices. Already in the design phase, we will investigate what is broken and see how it can become an educational material for the user and the manufacturer. How is the design affected if you initially focus on the possibility of renovating the furniture and that it has a long service life? Will it limit the design process or will it be a clear goal to work towards? ”

Furniture Design, Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies, 2020.


Barbro chair is stackable. The upholstery is removable with zippers to easily repurpose or allow to be changed according to style and needs.


Armchair Lotta is an armchair that is honest with the upholstery and the materials.

Collection Linje M.

Photo: Tony Ottosson

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