Five designs by Chris Martin at Vandalorum

Vandalorum presents an exhibition with works by Chris Martin, this year’s Bruno Mathsson Prize Winner. The Bruno Mathsson Prize has been awarded annually since 1984 in honour of the Swedish furniture designer and architect Bruno Mathsson. The winner carries a 250,000SEK cash prize. 

He was awarded the prize with the following jury statement:

“Super normal” describes a combination of two aspects of design. Super: spectacular, brilliant. Normal: intentionally sustainable, good functional design. British furniture designer Chris Martin – Swedish since 2016 – unites both in his innovative designs. He elevates archetypical elements to artistic heights, with humor and playfulness at a level that can withstand repetition within the series. With technical skill and artistic talent, he contributes to the enrichment of furnished living spaces.

The exhibition is on view until Januari 24th 2021. Read more about the exhibition here

Easychair Tio

Stool Odette

Table Colossus

Chris Martin, Photo: Massproductions

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