Jobs handtryck
stugrabatt röd

The Jobs Sisters at Vandalorum

2021 is here and we are already waiting for summer. Let’s enjoy some nice summery patterns by the Jobs sisters, now on view at Vandalorum. The design museum is open, but you have to pre-book your visit due to the pandemic. The exhibition is open until May 30th 2021.

The exhibition shows about 275 works by Lisbet and Gocken Jobs, from the 1930s until the 1980s. Their world of ceramics and textiles is staged by floral artist Gunnar Kaj.

Rodebjer, dress Auda ss19 pattern Ros och lilja 1946 by Gocken Jobs. Photo: Anton Renborg/ACNE


Pattern Aurora 1956 by Lisbet Jobs. Photo: Thomas Svensson

Jobs handtryck stugrabatt röd

Pattern Stugrabatt 1951 by Gocken Jobs

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