Ung Svensk Form 2021

Stockholm Design Week 8-14 February

With full respect for our common responsibility to follow the guidelines to stop the pandemic, Stockholm Design Week takes place between Feb 8-14th. This year you can enjoy the design week in more ways than ever! Many of the activities will take place online during the week, while some welcome visitors in smaller groups or by appointment only. All with the same passion and focus on highlighting Scandinavian design.

As consolation for the fact that we won’t be seeing a fair in Stockholm, we have in the upcoming issue partnered with Stockholm Furniture Fair to hold an ”alternative” fair, where our most important producers have a chance to present their new releases in a format that transcribes the fair’s traditional booths onto paper. The image above show designer Sigrid Schiøtz Olsen’s collection Bike to Ski, also featured in Form 1/2021.

Read more about Stockholm Design Week here 

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