The Kasper Salin Prize goes to the reconstruction of Kulturhuset

The reconstruction of Kulturhuset in Stockholm yesterday received the Kasper Salin Prize, the finest architecture award in Sweden. Responsible architect is Per Ahrbom, Arbom & Partner, and the city of Stockholm.

Other nominees for the Kasper Salin Prize were Kunskapshuset in Gällivare with architect Liljewall and MAF architectural office, client Gällivare municipality, Lindholmens Tekniska gymnasium in Gothenburg with architect KUB arkitekter, client Lokalförvaltningen in the city of Gothenburg and Norra Tornen in Stockholm with architect OMA, client Oscar Properties.

Architects Sweden has awarded the Kasper Salin Prize for the best building of the year since 1962. The jury examines 20–25 selected buildings on site to nominate nominees and among them a winner.


Photo: Johan Eldrot

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