Finnish Tarvas keeps its feet on the ground

Helsinki Design Week presents in their new series “Made in Finland” Finnish design companies that invest in manufacturing in Finland. The series not only highlights the design process but the manufacturing process as well. Meet shoemaking company Tarvas.

Founded in 2017, shoemaking company Tarvas has built their client base without haste or compromising their values. Everything started with Jukka Lehtinen, Pekka Keinänen and Harri Saarikoski’s idea to design a shoe that would last both the challenging Nordic conditions as well as the test of style gurus. Their shoes are designed in the Kruununhaka district of Helsinki and made in Parkano in the region of Pirkanmaa, Finland. The final touches are added and the shoes are packed in Kruununhaka, from where they are shipped abroad.

Manufacture in Finland is both an ideological and practical choice for Tarvas, says one of the founders Jukka Lehtinen. Thanks to the factory being just a couple of hours’ train ride away from Helsinki, even a global pandemic cannot disrupt the supply chain too severely.

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Photo: Tarvas Lookbook

Photo: Tarvas Lookbook

Photo: Tarvas Lookbook


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