Swedish Design Movement: ClaessonKoivistoRune

Japanese cabinetwork and architecture made to last for generations. Ola Rune likes projects that challenge both industry and craftsmen. He is one of the founders of the architectural firm ClaessonKoivistoRune, which began in 1995 as an interesting friendship, where friction whets creativity.

What does sustainability mean to you in your position as a designer and in your company?

– For us as Scandinavians, sustainability is something completely natural, it’s been a part of our crafts and design for a long time. One of the reasons that our industry is so slow and not driven by trends. Design and architecture is always a partnership. We’ve been lucky that we’ve been able to choose clients who also base their ideals on sustainability. And we also have an advantage in Sweden with many environmentally conscious producers who still have their production here in the country, says Ola Rune from ClaessonKoivistoRune.

ClaessonKoivistoRune is one of eight appointed flag-bearers by the Swedish Design Movement.

Read more about the eight flag-bearers here

This post is a collaboration with Swedish Design Movement.


The “Hand” series was first shown at Tokyo Craft Room, Hamacho Hotel, during DesignArt Tokyo 2019.



ClaessonKoivistoRune. Photo: Knut Koivisto.

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