Swedish Design Movement: Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings are a pioneer company who want to be mimicked in their sustainable production. Their materials in their shiny stockings include old fishing nets and plastic bottles. While her daughter Elsa-Li is fast asleep in the pram during our walk, founder Linn Frisinger tells me about her goal of changing the entire industry. Seven years after starting the company, she has come along well.

Which of your projects that represent sustainability and design are you most proud of?
– Innovations by Swedish Stockings is a project that we run to push ourselves. Our aim from the start has been to change and influence the entire industry. We want others to produce stockings in the same way as we do, and we’re completely open with what we do. It’s therefore important to us that we drive the evolution forward. Under the Innovations umbrella, we’ve launched stockings made of biological material, a flowering bean plant! We’ve also made tables of discarded stockings that are sent to us from all over the world through our recycling programme. The stockings are ground down and mixed with recycled fibreglass. The result is a marbled material whose appearance changes depending on the colour of the stockings.

Swedish Stockings is one of eight appointed flag-bearers by the Swedish Design Movement.

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Cecilia tights

Tables of discarded stockings

Linn Frisinger

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