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Swedish Design Movement: Diemonde

”Made in Sweden” is written in many of Diemonde’s garments. Angelo da Silveira mixes global street culture with Scandinavian minimalism when he designs clothes for a new generation of Swedes. He gained his passion for fashion growing up in Örebro, to where he came as a political refugee from the West African country of Togo. Through his own factory Fugeetex, he fuses ecological, social and economic sustainability, employing the sewing skills of newly arrived refugees.

What does sustainability mean to you in your position as designer and in your company?

– From Diemonde’s perspective, sustainability means taking responsibility in everything we express through our brand. Responsibility towards the consumer is where our values must apply in every stage of the production chain. We want to use fashion to create positive social change and transform the fashion industry at large, says Angelo da Silveira.

Diemonde is one of eight appointed flag-bearers by the Swedish Design Movement.

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Diemonde x Converse


Seamstresses at Fugeetex in Laxå.

Angelo da Silveira

Angelo da Silveira.

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