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Swedish Design Movement: Swedese

Using moulded plywood, Swedese have not only created sleek design classics but also a manufacturing method that is resource-efficient from the start. Since 1945, their furniture has been produced in the Smålandian forest, and today in partnership with some twenty Swedish and international designers. From the factory in Vaggeryd, CEO Sonnie Byrling calls for more knowledge and regulations that force more companies to make long-term sustainable decisions.

How has the pandemic affected your work? Will you walk away with any new experience and which challenges will you face moving forward?

– To be or not to be at the office has turned upside down. I think that working from home will continue to be seen as natural. That means that companies must take responsibility and ensure employees have a good working environment in their homes as well. In many parts of the corporate world, there have been breakdowns in the supply chain when it comes to material and production. We’re fortunate to hold the entire chain ourselves, from the purchase of sheepskin and wood veneer to the final production in our factories in Äng and Vaggeryd.

Swedese is one of eight appointed flag-bearers by the Swedish Design Movement.

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Lamino bild fabriken
“Lamino”, design: Yngve Ekström 1956


”Savoa” table by Sakari Hartikainen.

SB pressbild
Sonnie Byrling, CEO Swedese

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