Fred Ernst - Rem Koolhaas

With Rem and reason

Despite the fact of having debuted in the era of “starchitects”, the somewhat austere Rem Koolhaas has remained true to his philosophy. He has not been content to – like many of his contemporaries – merely criticize and be faithful to the 68 ideals, like writing or exhibiting in narrow galleries, but also expressed the strong need to actually build something. Read Leo Gullbring’s report in the latest issue of Form where Koolhaas who through his pronounced skepticism towards AI and “smart solutions”, and with statements such as “I find it really alarming that Europe today is becoming so moralistic, showering its opinions all over” advocates his own somewhat grim point of view in the debate concerning who may or should build what and where.

Read Leo Gullbring’s report in the new issue of Form! Out now in stores and online.

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