The Illusionists

Despite the fact that it hasn’t even been Masquespacio’s home for a month, I am met with the same breathtaking space that is so characteristic of the studio’s projects. The size of the facade makes the interior volume feel like an illusion – its walls and ceilings spanning domes of space, colour and light. Christophe Penasse, one of the two founders of Masquespacio, describes the duo’s ambition with the conviction of a slogan.

– You know how you rank your favourite restaurant? One is perfect for an intimate date, another for larger groups and a third when the kids come along. When we design, we aim to create places that contain all of those in the same space, says Penasse.

Under the name Masquespacio, Christophe Penasse and Ana Milena Hernández Palacios design environments that vibrate with colour and space. Read the whole interview by Form’s Elin Seittu who visited the duo in their hometown of Valencia.

Photo: Luis Beltran

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