Bordet Ettore Åsa Jungnelius Källemo Born Classic 2020 foto Gustav Kaiser@1x_1

What makes a piece of furniture a classic?

Few but solid materials, a clear form, and a function and purpose that remain relevant over time – yes, that could be one description of a classic. But it turns out that the question is far more complex, for example it is also created to a high degree in a cultural context.

Read Ellinor Thunberg’s text in the latest issue of Form, where she talks with, among others, Anna Wahlöö – doctor of philosophy in form, design and culture at Lund University of Technology. According to her, a piece of furniture can hardly be born as a classic:

– No, I don’t think it’s that simple. There’s a lot that needs to fall into place, and I believe time plays a role. It needs to stand the test of time. It’s not something that just goes ‘boom’ – it must be looked back on, in hindsight, if it was a success from the start. It also matters how it has continued to be interesting both on the market and in cultural contexts.

Image: The table Ettore by Åsa Jungnelius/Källemo Born Classic 2020 Photo: Gustav Kaiser

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