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Wherever did aesthetics go?

Sustainability and the environment are the most pressing issues of our time. Our planet has a fever and needs to be cooled. Desig- ners have an important job in this transition – to use recycling, circularity, upcycling and material innovations…

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Gotland Garbage_Rave Review_1

Three times Gotland

Used leather jackets, worn-out ship propellers and plastic litter on the beaches – everything gets new life in the hands of designers from Gotland! Hildur2John, Manti-Manti and Gotland Garbage dig where they stand with recycling and sustainability as guiding principles.…

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Treat yourself to Ghibli

Few landscape architectural building complexes in Japan have been as anticipated as iconic animator Hayao Miyazaki’s gigantic Ghibli Park, outside Nagoya. Read Erik Augustin Palm’s experience of the tranquil “amusement park”, which stands in stark contrast to Disney World’s aloofness…

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Multi-function beyond squareness

Why do you always choose that glass? What do you prefer about that particular cup? By being picky enough to constantly impose new, more well-formulated pitches for each other, the duo Alexandra Nilasdotter and Liu Chien-Kuang develop everyday objects with…

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Brittle, porky and glossy beautiful

Milou Allerholm interviews Hanna Hansdotter, who is currently working on a public work for the Hötorget subway station in Stockholm. Hansdotter’s provocative forms process the glass’s inherent elegant character. She creates works that relate to the framework of the body,…

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How fun can it be?

The Scandinavian design heritage is characterized by an ascetic seriousness. But how fun is it? Bo Madestrand takes help from the illustrator Nille Svensson and balances on the tightrope between good and bad taste. Is design allowed to be funny?…

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soffa-Nille Svensson

New Issue of Form Magazine!

Finally spring and time for a new issue of Form! Small-scale productions and individual designers inspire us when we get to meet designer Gustav Winsth and the design collective Malmö Upcycling Service, both providing examples of how recycling can become…

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The Illusionists

Despite the fact that it hasn’t even been Masquespacio’s home for a month, I am met with the same breathtaking space that is so characteristic of the studio’s projects. The size of the facade makes the interior volume feel like…

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