Anthropocene the new theme for light-art festival Fjord Oslo

On 6 November, 8 new light-based installations from an international roster of artists will flicker into life on the Oslo waterfront, each one a response to the curatorial theme – the Anthropocene. Through light and colour, projection-mapping and movement, these visionary works reflect on the relationship between humanity and the natural world, while also offering viewers a powerful, positive – and free – experience of art.

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No Limit: Artscape Edition Borås 2020

Last week the No Limit: Artscape Edition Borås 2020 was arranged in collaboration with Artscape. A total of 12 art pieces were created and they can now be viewed in the Norrby neighborhood in Borås, Sweden. This was the fourth edition of No Limit Street Art festival.

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Chromo Zones
Shoplifter / Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir
18 september 2020–17 januari 2021
Galleri 3
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern 2020

Icelandic Shoplifter at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Shoplifter / Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir is one of Iceland’s leading artists. Her practice expands the boundaries between visual art, performance, fashion, traditional crafts and design. Shoplifter’s breakthrough on the international art scene came with her unique, large-scale and colourful installations of synthetic hair. Chromo Zones is an exhibition inviting the visitor to explore with all senses!

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Travel as a Tool at Helsinki Design Museum

Travel as a Tool is a joint Nordic exhibition that considers the significance of travel for the work of Nordic designers from the 1940s to the present day. Trips have been sources of new ideas and inspiration.

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Folkform public art installation in Spånga

The Stockholm-based design studio Folkform has completed a permanent installation for the public indoor swimming pool in Spånga, outside of Stockholm. The project is now long listed in the installation design category, Dezeen Awards 2020.

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Valdís Steinarsdóttir – the winner of Formex Nova 2020

In fierce competition with top designers from all over the Nordic region, Formex Nova 2020 is awarded to the Icelandic designer Valdís Steinarsdóttir, 29, who in her work focuses on recycling natural materials. Together with researchers she has, among other things, developed two completely new materials, Bioplastic Skin and Just Bones. In its motivation, the Formex Nova jury highlights in particular Valdís Steinarsdóttir's ambition to find unique solutions to social and environmental problems, and how she creates an open discussion about social change through design.

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Under the surface

In the summer of 1897, a group of scientists set out on an expedition to Siljansringen in Dalarna. There they made a historic discovery: a previously unknown human species, Homo Aquatis, who lived in the lake. That is the fictional background to the interactive exhibition Aquanauts – Expeditionen till Siljansringen 1897, shown at the art gallery Verket in Avesta this summer.

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U-2020-Pär Engsheden och Sara Danius Nobelklänningar-0012

Danius in memoriam

The long-awaited Sara Danius exhibition at the National Museum in Stockholm has just opened. The literary star, who passed away in 2019, is celebrated with a special exhibition where four Nobel dresses, created by Pär Engsheden, are displayed. A book is also published.

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Exam Projects 2020: Arcus by Hannes Åström

Hannes Åström's degree project, the seating system Arcus, consists of different sofa and bench modules that can be linked together. The design of the furniture creates calm lines that give a harmonious expression. The modules are made of solid wood, a renewable material that has several positive effects on humans and our living environments.

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Exam Projects 2020: Umatter by Maximilian Brueck

Umatter by Maximilian Brueck is a browser-based online platform, which helps organizations to create and manage a modern and user-friendly career portal and an approachable online application process. Its mission is to transform the former sterile online application procedure into a service-driven experience to help organizations winning high-quality talent by being more authentic, human, and accommodating in their communication.

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Exam Projects 2020: Equilibrium by Alexia Pihl

Alexia Pihl's exam project, the video game Equilibrium, offers a personal and intimate exploration of the self for both the player and the main character. The aim is to empower and inspire a new generation of players who reject the normalized stereotypes of the video game industry. Merging industrial design and video game development, the concept uses classic design methodology combined with entertainment industry techniques.

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