Swedish Design Movement: Kjellander Sjöberg

At the architecture firm Kjellander Sjöberg, shipyard ruins are converted into modern office spaces and London's derelict industrial areas into waterfront neighbourhoods with social ambitions. One of the founders is Stefan Sjöberg, who designs tomorrow's rooms and cities with demolition metal, a ruler and dreams.

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Swedish Design Movement

Stockings of discarded fishing nets, wooden tables planed by hand, a streetwear brand that hires Syrian refugees and designer furniture that still feels modern after more than 60 years in production. Those are just a few examples of design that makes a difference on the climate. In the following weeks, you will meet eight designers who have all been appointed flag-bearers by the Swedish Design Movement.

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Finnish Tarvas keeps its feet on the ground

Helsinki Design Week presents in their new series "Made in Finland" Finnish design companies that invest in manufacturing in Finland. The series not only highlights the design process but the manufacturing process as well. Meet shoemaking company Tarvas.

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Stig Lindberg – soon at Millesgården

The multi-artist Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) has provided Sweden with art, utensils and designs since the 1940s. With enormous productivity, a desire to experiment and an ability to be a functionalist without losing his imagination, his design has filled thousands of homes over the past 80 years. In May his work will be on view at Millesgården in Stockholm!

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Damn Critics! at Färgfabriken in Stockholm

In the exhibition Damn Critics architecture critics from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark write critiques of fictional works of architecture. The critical reflection departures in the critics’ own dreams and imagination. The written critiques are handed over to six designers from the three countries who generate form through model and drawing based on the critique.

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Helsinki Biennal 3 16_9

Helsinki: Biennial this summer

Helsinki has high hopes for the summer. It is now announced that the city's art biennial will take place on Vallisaari Island 12 June-26 September. 40 artists have been invited to create site-specific, temporary works on the island, in dialogue with the landscape. The focus is of course on sustainability. The biennial has free admission and is presented by the Helsinki Art Museum, curators are Pirkko Siitari and Taru Tappola from HAM.

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The Kasper Salin Prize Nominees 2020

Today Architects Sweden unveiled the four nominees for this year’s Kasper Salin Prize for the best building of the year 2020. The prize will be awarded on March 25 at the Arkitekturgalan in Stockholm.

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VERK, products,2020, Photografer Joakim Bergström

Stockholm Design Week: Verk

During Stockholm Design Week 2021 a new new Swedish furniture company was launched. Verk´s products are produced in Sweden and made exclusively from Swedish raw materials – from needle felt to surface finish – without compromising on comfort or design.

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Ung Svensk Form 2021

Stockholm Design Week 8-14 February

With full respect for our common responsibility to follow the guidelines to stop the pandemic, Stockholm Design Week takes place between Feb 8-14th. This year you can enjoy the design week in more ways than ever! Many of the activities will take place online during the week, while some welcome visitors in smaller groups or by appointment only. All with the same passion and focus on highlighting Scandinavian design.

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Jobs handtryck
stugrabatt röd

The Jobs Sisters at Vandalorum

2021 is here and we are already waiting for summer. Let's enjoy some nice summery patterns by the Jobs sisters, now on view at Vandalorum. The design museum is open, but you have to pre-book your visit due to the pandemic. The exhibition is open until May 30th 2021.

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NMGu 11868, Gustavsberg, Lisa Larson, Väggfat med blå abstrakt dekor och blå band, Stengods, grå och brunprickig glasyr, målad blå dekor.

Lisa Larson at Gustavsbergs porslinsfabrik

Lisa Larson is perhaps Sweden's most famous ceramicist, and her figurines are certainly the most popular. Her Advent children and cats adorn many homes. The exhibition Lisa Larson is the first temporary exhibition to be presented following the reopening of the renovated museum, and comprises approximately 200 objects, most of which date from 1954–1980, when the artist was employed by the Gustavsberg Porcelain Factory.

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Kabinett and Fokus – ergonomic innovations for the home office

The Finnish furniture manufacturer Adea has recently released two new pieces of furniture that enable an ergonomic work environment at home. Kabinett (Cabinet) by Alexander Lervik and Fokus (Focus) by Mikko Laakonen. Both pieces of furniture are flexible and can be adapted for "work" or "leisure".

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Nobel Lights 16_9

Stockholm: Nobel Week Lights

In December we all need a little light in the darkness – this year more than ever before. To celebrate this year’s Nobel Laureates 15 places around Stockholm will be lit up for Nobel Week Lights Stockholm on 5-13 December as part of the 2020 Nobel Week.

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Rave Review at GucciFest

Did you miss the digital fashion week GucciFest? The Swedish fashion brand Rave Review took part and showed their 2-minute film "Jord, Luft, Eld Vatten”.

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Kolla! 2020 – Swedish graphic design award

The award Kolla! is organised by Svenska Tecknare and is one of Sweden's foremost graphic design awards. It is an arena for contemporary graphic design, illustration, comics, moving images and interactive design. Here are some of the recipients of this years Kolla! award.

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Hanna Hansdotter in Ronneby

Hanna Hansdotter's exhibition "Ornamental abstractions of industrial memories" is now on display, along with the painter Jenny Carlsson's exhibition Nära marken at Ronneby Konsthall. On view until January 10. Hansdotter has previously exhibited at CFHILL, Steinsland Berliner and internationally. In 2020, she was awarded the Åke Andrén Foundation's artist scholarship.

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Stockholm: Comfort in the subway

At seven metro stations in Stockholm, art is shown that is constantly changed. And rarely has the atmosphere been as panicky as it is now in Stockholm's public transport. We get some comfort from the new art. The video work Sun Rave by Roy Samaha is shown at Skanstull, Fatima Moallim's drawings are exhibited in photo format at Zinkensdamm, Lisa Lundgren's oils (see image) at Gärdet and Roger Smeby's exhibition Rallarrosorna på Slussen.

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Brandnäva at Form/Design Center

In their textile project Brandnäva, the designer duo of LantzVarghans have explored nature motifs both from Skåne and from the duo’s home districts of Leksand and Umeå. The project is now on view at Form/Design Center in Malmö.

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