Bordet Ettore Åsa Jungnelius Källemo Born Classic 2020 foto Gustav Kaiser@1x_1

What makes a piece of furniture a classic?

Few but solid materials, a clear form, and a function and purpose that remain relevant over time – yes, that could be one description of a classic. But it turns out that the question is far more complex, for example…

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Front_ Sofia Lagerkvist & Anna Lindgren


Today, Front are among the country’s most celebrated designers, their works being part of collections of prestigious museums worldwide and in long-standing collaborations with producers like Moroso, Moooi, Vitra and Kvadrat. But their fun- damental approach from the early years…

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Gotland Garbage_Rave Review_1

Three times Gotland

Used leather jackets, worn-out ship propellers and plastic litter on the beaches – everything gets new life in the hands of designers from Gotland! Hildur2John, Manti-Manti and Gotland Garbage dig where they stand with recycling and sustainability as guiding principles.…

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Treat yourself to Ghibli

Few landscape architectural building complexes in Japan have been as anticipated as iconic animator Hayao Miyazaki’s gigantic Ghibli Park, outside Nagoya. Read Erik Augustin Palm’s experience of the tranquil “amusement park”, which stands in stark contrast to Disney World’s aloofness…

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Multi-function beyond squareness

Why do you always choose that glass? What do you prefer about that particular cup? By being picky enough to constantly impose new, more well-formulated pitches for each other, the duo Alexandra Nilasdotter and Liu Chien-Kuang develop everyday objects with…

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Brittle, porky and glossy beautiful

Milou Allerholm interviews Hanna Hansdotter, who is currently working on a public work for the Hötorget subway station in Stockholm. Hansdotter’s provocative forms process the glass’s inherent elegant character. She creates works that relate to the framework of the body,…

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How fun can it be?

The Scandinavian design heritage is characterized by an ascetic seriousness. But how fun is it? Bo Madestrand takes help from the illustrator Nille Svensson and balances on the tightrope between good and bad taste. Is design allowed to be funny?…

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soffa-Nille Svensson

New Issue of Form Magazine!

Finally spring and time for a new issue of Form! Small-scale productions and individual designers inspire us when we get to meet designer Gustav Winsth and the design collective Malmö Upcycling Service, both providing examples of how recycling can become…

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The Illusionists

Despite the fact that it hasn’t even been Masquespacio’s home for a month, I am met with the same breathtaking space that is so characteristic of the studio’s projects. The size of the facade makes the interior volume feel like…

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Det hemliga språket-Kristina Müntzing-kalle brolin


In the new issue of Form, Bo Madestrand draws a timeline of the technology developed within the history of bronze processing. Historically, the bronze was the base for weapons such as shields and swords, before it eventually reformed into art such as the heroic statues of Gustav II Adolf and Gustav Vasa made of molten bronze from canons.

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Foto: Patrick Miller

Hiding in plain sight

It’s been 42 years since Jonas Bohlin – then 28 years old and a freshly graduated interior architect – flipped the notion of what a piece of furniture should look like.

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Material Meetings_16_9

Material Meetings soon at Form/Design Center

On the 7th of September the exhibition Material meetings open at Form/Design Center in Malmö. The exhibition shows a glimpse of the future’s textile industry, shown by the exam works of the textile design students at Textilhögskolan in Borås.

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Postcards from Swedish design schools: Beckmans

Beckmans’ Graduation Show 2021 is called “Time Well Spent”, meaning three years at Beckmans is time well spent. The three graduating classes in Fashion, Product Design, and Visual Communication have worked to explore, challenge and influence a variety of areas within design. Enjoy the exhibition in full 360°.

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Klimatorium in Lemvig

The new waterfront Klimatorium climate center in Lemvig is a forum for knowledge, education, innovation and development projects within utility services and climate change. The new building is going to support Denmark’s role as an exporter of climate solutions and help establish Lemvig and the Central Denmark Region as a center of climate change adaptation.

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busy dating three_0

Candytuft says it with flowers

Inspired by the flower language of the Victorian era, Scanian design duo candytuft solve human problems with humour. “We toyed with the i dea of what a victorian person would do on Tinder today”, says Maria O’Brian.

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Anton Alvarez: Roman Toothpaste MMXXI

This summer Anton Alvarez will be creating an an exhibition for Vandalorum in Småland. The exhibition consists of monumental clay sculptures that are produced on site. Seven tons of stoneware clay will be produced on a scale that far exceeds that we know from the world of ceramics.

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Fashion Forever at Sofiero Castle

The exhibition Fashion Forever – an exhibition about our times is being held on the exhibition floor at Sofiero Castle, with the rooms being divided into five different themes: New Fashion for Old, Innovation, Time for Creation, In Season, and Own Time, each of which are presented through the creations of both Swedish and Danish fashion designers.

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