In the December issue of Form, the editors have taken a closer look at the area of lightning, which feels very relevant at this dark time of the year. Meet Jan Klingler, who creates lamps of bacteria, and the architect Hiroshi Sambuichi who recently received the Danish Daylight Award. And of course: a thorough review of the best design from 2018, according to 16 of Scandinavia’s most interesting designers and architects.

The latest issue of Form also discusses the pricing of contemporary Swedish design. Who can afford an ecologically sustainable armchair from the environmentally conscious prestige producers? Not our Editor-in-Chief.

Hanna Tunemar and Emil Fagander have created a series of still life where they brought together contemporary design objects in cool but beautiful compositions.

In addition: interviews with legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser, who created the iconic logo for New York, and Swedish designer Johanna Jacobson Backman who made the Block lighting system.

Form 6/2018: in stores on December 4th.