What makes Gothenburg focus on a collaborative economy while Stockholm keeps on turning into a shopping mecka? In the latest issue Form looks closer to the cities of the future. Carl Fredrik Holtermann visits sharing city Gothenburg and David Relan photographes Songdo – the sustainable city growing outside Seoul.


Form also looks back to the design weeks in Reykjavik and Milan.

The makers from Konstfack
Jenny Damberg and photographer Karin Alfredsson portray the feminist glass collective Boom, who claims that they are the first generation from Konstfack, who are not designers but a makers. See their work in the cabin at the huge tip Högbytorp.

The pineal eye
Johan Deurell visits SFP Örnsberg (Studio Fredrik Paulsen) and talks to Fredrik Paulsen about the Örnsberg Auction, pine and design consumption.
– I’m very tired of the anxiety that is so prevalent in the Swedish design world, where businesses dictate a sort of commercial uniformity. I want to show that there are other ways of working, says Fredrik Paulsen.

Blowing in the wind
They shoot out like exclamation marks in the landscape. Enormous, white and unnatural, but with an uncanny beauty. Gerry Johansson has photographed windmills on a variety of rural locations in Sweden. Nils Forsberg bows before the Swedish master of desolate landscapes.

In addition: Interviews with the architect Thomas Sandell and artist duo Bigert & Bergström as well as an explanation of why Danish architecture often is found underground.


Form Magazine 3/2017 is available in stores June 7