Form4 Omslag Engelska

How do you survive as a rookie in the neurotic world of craft and design? Form publishes an excerpt from The Metal Department by Sara Engberg, an offbeat novel about the delicate art of becoming a designer. In addition: a large dose of fashion.

Tea time with Kieran Long
So far, no one has succeeded with the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. Now, the government, museum staff and the whole design community in Sweden pin their hopes on British curator Kieran Long. But will the new museum director manage in the Long run?

In memory of Ana Londono and Rosa Taikon
Their voices were unique. Salka Hallström Bornold mourns Ana Londono and Rosa Taikon, two exceptional designers who were born on opposite ends of the 20th century – and both devoted their lives to the same struggle, for human rights and against racism.

GoldenEyes – Färg&Blanche
The exhibition at the Milan Design Week is among their best works so far. Hanna Johansson visits the studio of the design couple that keeps outdoing themselves: Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche.

In addition: Report from Beirut’s design week, a tribute to 1800’s architecture, and the very best of the graduation shows in Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Helsinki.

Form Magazine 4/2017 is available in stores on August 15th.