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How will life look after the crisis? Form Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Bo Madestrand asked some design heavyweights about their hopes and fears for the future. This issue also features new Finnish glass and a visit to the home of Finnish design legend Yrjö Kukkapuro.

Just in time for the summer holidays Form 3/2020 is released and this issue looks both forward and eastward. We investigate the future together with Stefan Nilsson, nationally renowned trend-spotter, digital multitalent Jenny Theolin, and Marcus Engman, former design director at Ikea.

– Imagine if 90 per cent of all big chains go belly up and we start shopping locally? That would be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Most ”fun” companies started during a recession – like Disney, MTV and Uber, says Stefan Nilsson.

Eastern Promises

– You’ll always find the same things in Finnish homes, the classics from the golden age of the 1960s. We are Alvar Aalto’s grandchildren and we’re now doing our own things, says glass designer Milla Vaahtera in Form Magazine’s report on a new generation Finnish glass designers. She wishes more people would have the courage to buy things that appeal to them rather than things that are socially acceptable.

Form Magazine has also visited design legend Yrjö Kukkapuro’s ufo-like home outside Helsinki and seen one of the first copies of the classic Karuselli.

Also in this issue of Form: Interviews with design studio Note, which this year would have curated the Swedish exhibition Swedish Design Movement during the furniture week in Milan, and three potters who push the boundaries of the clay: Haidar Mahdi, Elin Alvemark and Annelie Grimwade Olofsson. Don’t miss the finale of the design relay The Kinship Project, with designers Fredrik Paulsen and Mia Cullin, among others.

Form Magazine  3/2020 will be released on June 24.