Form Cover 1 2019

On Stockholm Furniture Fair’s first day, this year’s first issue of Form Magazine will also be released. Twelve designers from the fair share their views on sustainability, among them Emma Olbers, Margrethe Odgaard and Alexander Lervik.

In addition to several pages about Stockholm Furniture Fair, Form offers a return visit to Kiruna’s town hall, designed by Arthur von Schmalensee, a house that is now emptied and ready for the excavators and the demolition work. Ylva Frid and Erik Lefvander have visited the borderland between the new and old Kiruna.

Did you miss a #metoo call from the design world? In this issue of Form Magazine, Susanne Helgeson examines why it never happened, in the report “Men Who Hate Women”.

In addition: Interviews with Norwegian agency Anderssen & Voll, design legend Dieter Rams, the Swedish-Nigerian fashion brand Kenneth Ize and the psychedelic icon Zandra Rhodes.

Image: Villa Widlund, by Claesson Koivisto Rune, photo: Åke E:son Lindman.

Form 1/2019 – in stores on 5 February.