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In this year’s first issue of Form, we look both forward and backwards. PhotographerTrine Søndergaard’s portraits are based on traditional Danish costumes and fabrics, while also addressing the current debate on cultural identity and the female experience. Architecture theorist Beatriz Colomina explains how architecture always has been intimately associated with medical history, while Vitra’s CEO Nora Fehlbaum speculates on what design will look like after the pandemic. And together with Stockholm Furniture Fair and ten of our most important furniture manufacturers, Form invites you to an alternative Furniture fair, where companies present their most important news in the magazine.

See news from Vestre, Nola and Gärsnäs, among others, as well as a whole bunch from the fair’s young department Greenhouse, where the shooting stars of the future gather.

The new issue of Form also introduces the designer Sigrid Schiøtz Olsen, who creates multifunctional sportswear and participates in the exhibition Ung Svensk Form (Young Swedish Design) 2021. Any news has been bad news for Gustavsberg in recent years. Local MPs want to shut the art gallery, and artists risk losing their studios to make way for housing. But now, hope is blooming in the old factory town.

The old porcelain factory was recently acquired by Oskar Juhlin, an industrial designer with roots in Gustavsberg who is aiming to revive Gustavsberg as both the classic brand and the destination it once was.

Form Magazine 1/2021 is available online and in stores on February 9th.