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December is here and Form Magazine sums up the design year that has passed. The editors say goodbye to the 10’s and look forward to 2020. Is it a utopia or dystopia they see?

Form gives you the “WOW of the Year”: a bunch of experts from the design field, including fashion designer Naim Josefi and architect Karolina Keyzer, list their best memories from 2019 – and of course their hopes for 2020.

“The smart city” is a term that has been used for a while now. Form’s Leo Gullbring has traveled to Toronto to investigate the Google project Sidewalk Labs, which will transform the Quayside city block of Toronto’s abandoned port area, into a pilot project involving a half billion investment in the smart city of the future.

This decade’s last issue of Form also highlights “The Return of the Embroidery” and the new generation of Danish design stars, such as designer Maria Bruun. She says:

– I have big ambitions, I would love to be the next big Danish designer. I believe in both community and the individual

Also: the styling report “THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY” by stylist Camilla Pérez and photographer Mårten Ryter.

Form Magazine 5/2019 is out on December 3.