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The summer issue of Form Magazine offers holiday reading of the highest class: a manual for designers and producers who want to take greater environmental responsibility. We have interviewed leading researchers and designers who provide solid advice for a more sustainable design development. Perfect summer reading in the hammock!
Nils Forsberg has met this year’s  Kasper Salin award winner, France-based architect Anna Chavepayre. She tells about the construction of the studio home Hamra in southern Gotland.

– We try to find new ways to build, live and cohabitate. I believe that the biggest changes in our lives are that we suddenly see things in a new light. I think we must start regarding architecture as part of the landscape and the landscape as part of architecture, and that we are also part of the landscape, says Chavepayre.

Salka Hallström has met “The Kinship Project” which consists of some of Sweden’s foremost designers right now: Margot Barolo, Erik Björk, Mia Cullin, Andreas Nobel and Fredrik Paulsen. The principle is like a form of marathon relay: to design a chair. Say nothing to the others. Pass to the next designer, who knows nothing about the chair in advance. Continue with your own design and leave 20-40 per cent of the chair the same. Say nothing. Pass the chair. Next. And so on, for a total of three phases. An exciting therapy session awaits!

Also, in the summer issue of Form Magazine: The Gunnar Asplund room, the Moomin cup and the pros and cons of open-plan offices.

Form 3/2019 – in stores on 4 June.