FORM 6/2015


In the latest issue of Form, we have taken a look into the future. Ecological sustainability, citizen participation and pop-up architecture. These are some of the features of our Nordic capitals in 2050, according to city architects in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Reykjavik who all got to predict the future with us.

Our lives in 2015
Stockholm has signed a new version of Vision 2030, the Norwegians are
launching their plan as a coffee table book and Copenhagen’s city architect is touring
the world with an inspiring Scandinavian model. Form Magazine challenged five
Nordic city architects with the question: how will your city look in 2050?

Animal Planet
In her ceramic menagerie, the animals have human emotions. Bo Madestrand went to see Frida Fjellman for a conversation about earthquakes, dead foxes and bad taste.

Sergels Torg - Sin City
Stockholm’s hard core is about to change. The bank palace in the city centre will be remade into a lifestyle destination, in an attempt to revitalise the area. Pontus Dahlman and Mikael Olsson snoop around in the shady side of the shabby, beloved Sergel’s Square.

Best in Show 2015

Dark forces are at hand – in the housing policy, fashion and jewellery design. And the uterus may never have been more popular. Form Magazine asked 21 architects, designers and curators about their most outstanding memories from the past year, halfway to 2020.

In the new issue of Form, we've also met the super designer Tom Dixon and the Italian design philosopher Ezio Manzini. Moreover - a flashback to Form No. 1 from 1966 where Lena Larsson, design writer behind the term  "slit och släng" ("throwaway") is highlighted a little extra.

Form 6 is available in stores on December 8th.