FORM 4/2014: Biodegradable fashion is the future

Fast fashion has long been considered objectionable from an environmental perspective. But yesterday's fashion could become tomorrow's fertilizer. Researchers are now looking into textiles that can give a new meaning to throwaway fashion. The future fashion industry could build on high-quality, sustainable fabrics used for a short time, after which they become mull on the compost. Together with design studio Guringo, the August issue of Form presents a different vision for fashion. 

In the same issue: unique interview with Luigi Serafini, the cult architect whose book Codex Seraphinianus has inspired everyone from Roland Barthes to Fellini.When the enigmatic book was reprinted recently, it went viral on the Internet. FORM meets the media shy Serafini, who had never previously been interviewed by a Nordic magazine. 

Form 4/2014 is now in stores

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