FORM 4/2015

young hearts: meet the world-saving generation

Curled narcissists? Maybe. But they have also been called "the fantastic generation". Don't miss the new issue of Form Magazine, about the young designers who wish to make a difference in society. The big fashion issue of Form Magazine comes out in connection with Stockholm Fashion Week.

It is once again time for the issuance of the Magazine of the Year 2014, Form Magazine. The August issue is a full brimmed fashion magazine not to be missed:

The fashion talents: The stars of tomorrow

Has the time of apolitical art come to an end? The diploma projects at the art and design schools of spring 2015 were all about climate change, meat consumption and poverty. Take part of a photo reportage where the Form team selected school projects from the fashion, jewellery and design programs at Beckmans College of Arts and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. Guaranteed eye candy!

Love your nose

Fragrance designer Sissel Tolaas has recreated the smell of fear as well as the scent of cities. She has exhibited her own wine fetid breath at MoMA in San Francisco and collected sweat samples from men with panic disorder. Familiarize yourself with the nose that has collaborated with companies such as Comme des Garçons, Deutsche Bank and Adidas. She now aims to start an institute for emotional knowledge in Berlin.

The brass factory – get to know Skultuna

The Skultuna Messingrsbruk has operated since 1607. Salka Hallström Bornold and photographer Carl Hjelte looked for the winding history of the mill along the beaches of Svartån, north of the Swedish town of Västerås.

This massive fashion issue also offers interviews with textile star Ulrika Elovsson and a designer that may be the fastest in the world – Jenny Nordberg. As usual, you will also find design news and reviews of books, magazines and architecture in the magazine.

Happy summer reading!

Form 4/2015 is out in stores from August 18th.