Under the surface

In the summer of 1897, a group of scientists set out on an expedition to Siljansringen in Dalarna. There they made a historic discovery: a previously unknown human species, Homo Aquatis, who lived in the lake. That is the fictional background to the interactive exhibition Aquanauts – Expeditionen till Siljansringen 1897, shown at the art gallery Verket in Avesta this summer.

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U-2020-Pär Engsheden och Sara Danius Nobelklänningar-0012

Danius in memoriam

The long-awaited Sara Danius exhibition at the National Museum in Stockholm has just opened. The literary star, who passed away in 2019, is celebrated with a special exhibition where four Nobel dresses, created by Pär Engsheden, are displayed. A book is also published.

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Exam Projects 2020: Arcus by Hannes Åström

Hannes Åström's degree project, the seating system Arcus, consists of different sofa and bench modules that can be linked together. The design of the furniture creates calm lines that give a harmonious expression. The modules are made of solid wood, a renewable material that has several positive effects on humans and our living environments.

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Exam Projects 2020: Umatter by Maximilian Brueck

Umatter by Maximilian Brueck is a browser-based online platform, which helps organizations to create and manage a modern and user-friendly career portal and an approachable online application process. Its mission is to transform the former sterile online application procedure into a service-driven experience to help organizations winning high-quality talent by being more authentic, human, and accommodating in their communication.

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Exam Projects 2020: Equilibrium by Alexia Pihl

Alexia Pihl's exam project, the video game Equilibrium, offers a personal and intimate exploration of the self for both the player and the main character. The aim is to empower and inspire a new generation of players who reject the normalized stereotypes of the video game industry. Merging industrial design and video game development, the concept uses classic design methodology combined with entertainment industry techniques.

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Exam Projects 2020: The Blue Hour by Jannica Hagfors

In her exam project The Blue Hour Jannica Hagfors examines how, in striving for a sustainable world, we see the forest as a raw material for our salvation, and at the same time we’ve lost our perspective on what constitutes sustainable forestry.

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Exam Projects 2020: Neighbour by Moa Gustafson

For her bachelor project Moa Gustafson has created a portable table lamp, inspired by the everyday life of her grandmother. The project is based on Moa's wish to work with the home environment and the notion that our surroundings affect our wellbeing. She used an empathic design approach, and in an experiment called “one picture per hour”, she asked her grandmother to document her day using a disposable camera. Through the pictures Moa identified many design opportunities and the result became the lamp Neighbour.

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Exam Projects 2020: Life on the Outside of the White Standard by Asli Abdulrahman Ali

Asli Abdulrahman Ali's degree project wants to represent the reality of life outside the white standard. Based on aspects from her own background, she places the viewer in an environment where the interior space and sound work together to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with the audience. Her aim is to investigate how she can architecturally and artistically create a sense of care where something painful is communicated in a spatial environment.

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Exam Projects 2020: A New Paradigm by Daniel Svahn

A New Paradigm by Daniel Svahn is a project that focuses on the material surplus and ‘waste’ when it comes to furniture, mostly from the public and private sector, that even the current reconditioning companies can’t deal with.

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Exam Projects 2020: Stillastormande by Clara Fina Frisk

The work Stillastormande consists of two textile sculptures with flowing shapes. Clara Fina Frisk has created a three-dimensional still image of two silk fabrics caught in a storm. Through strengthening, she explores the material textile and its inherent properties in relation to time, wind and body.

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Pop-up studio for recycling at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm

HearteartH Lab opens an innovative POP-UPCYCLING studio in the Münchenbryggeriet. Industrial designer Marie-Louise Hellgren, together with her team, is building a Creative Lab during May-August 2020. A sustainable initiative that will inspire and give hope, in the midst of the crisis.

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The Mindcraft Project 2020

After 11 years in Milan, The Mindcraft Project will this year be presented in a new digital format as a consequence of the Covid-19. The digital exhibition is designed by Copenhagen-based studio Wang & Söderström and will launch online on on the 16th of June 2020.

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Katja of Sweden at Röhsska Museum

In the exhibition Katja of Sweden, the Röhsska Museum shines a spotlight on a fashion brand that has achieved international success, while showing the wealth of fabric patterns they have created together with prominent textile artists.

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Be Original Americas

Worldwide Virtual Student Fellowship June 15-July 17, 2020

Be Original Americas, the non-profit advocacy group for original design, is pleased to announce the launch of the first worldwide virtual student fellowship. From June 15 – July 17, 2020, over 25 design companies, makers, and creators will present through a series of webinars to a global audience of students. Each session will focus on a different aspect of the design process and provide an inside look into the factories, architecture and design studios, and headquarters of Be Original Americas member companies around the world creating authentic design. The program will offer insights from leading brands, makers, and creators to learn about working in an industry that shapes the way we live, work, and play.

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Apply to Ung Svensk Form 2021!

Apply to Ung Svensk Form 2020! Ung Svensk Form is an arena for young design in Sweden. Ung Svensk Form is a juried competition where the nominated entries will take part in a travel exhibition. To apply you need to be born in 1984 or later. All students can apply, regardless of age. All fields of design can apply graphic design, product design, architecture, interior design, exhibition design, furniture, glass, ceramic, textile, fashion, web design etc.

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