As of 25 May 2018, new EU regulations apply on the protection of data, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR (EU) 2016/679 requires that anyone handling personal information ensure that each individual user is sufficiently guaranteed, and to take all technical and organisational measures necessary for the safe handling of data.


As a publisher that cares about your privacy, we at Mandelgren Magazine AB have outlined a privacy policy to help you understand which data we collect, what we use this data for and how you can exercise your rights. This privacy policy is therefore intended to ensure that Mandelgren Magazine AB handle the personal information of our users in accordance with the user’s instructions and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.


  1. Collection of information and tracking

When you visit our website

Mandelgren Magazine AB use Google Analytics and cookies to improve our service, our usability and to analyse how our website is used. Apart from the IP address, all information collected by Google Analytics is mostly anonymous traffic data such as browser information, device and language. We do not collect additional data such as age, gender, interests, bank details or whatever you may click. The collected information is only used to create an overview of how the website is used. The information is not used for anything else, such as to see who visits the website.


  1. When you contact Mandelgren Magazine AB

2.1 Member and subscriber contact details


If you choose to become a member of Svensk Form and/or subscribe to Form Magazine, your personal information will be registered by client services in Svensk Form’s member register at Pressdata, who handle all members’ details together with Svensk Form.


Pressdata handle all client services with members and the information is only used within Svensk Form. All personal details are automatically deleted when a person ends their membership and/or subscription. From the spring 2018, personal and bank details for payment of membership dues will also be handled by Autokort.


2.2 Principles regarding storage of personal data after checking if we have legitimate interest

For the following purposes, we treat your personal data if we consider we have legitimate interest to do so

– Administration of processes on recurring events that Mandelgren Magazine AB organizes such as Form Symposium

– Administration of processes around specific projects such as Form Symposium or Form Award

– Internal and external publishing of images, movies and sound recordings under certain circumstances.



2.3 Application for employment or internship


If you are seeking employment with Mandelgren Magazine AB, we store and handle your information for recruitment purposes in order to contact you. If you agree to future employment opportunities or other future contact, your written approval will allow us to store your information in order to contact you for other job opportunities or information about our business.


2.4 Registration for events


Registration for our events is either via email or via one of our two external system services, Biletto and Confetti. When your data is handled in these external systems, it is the privacy policy of that system that applies. With your approval or legitimate interest, the handling of your data in these systems may be synched with our mailing list Apsis. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time.


2.5 Newsletters and other recurring information


All subscribers to our newsletters have agreed to receive our newsletters and thereby be entered into our mailing list. With every new sendout of information or newsletter, you always have the choice to unsubscribe from our mailing list, known as opt-out. On registration of a new address, we apply the opt-in principle in all contexts, meaning that you must actively approve that we store your contact details in our mailing list.


  1. Information security

Mandelgren Magazine AB is careful about the security of personal information. When we collect information about you, we ensure that the information is protected against unauthorised access, loss, manipulation, fraud, destruction or unauthorised disclosure. This is done by the application of appropriate technical measures.


  1. Access to information

You always have the right to request the information we have stored about you. You can do this by contacting us at We will ensure that you receive a copy of the information we have about you. In order to do this securely, we may ask you to verify your identity. We will send you the information digitally, unless you request otherwise. For any subsequent requests of information, we may charge you an administrative fee.


  1. Correction and removal of information

If you believe that any details we have about you are incorrect, please contact us so that we can update them. Any information that we no longer use is deleted continuously. If you at any point decide against Svensk Form storing your information, please contact us.


  1. Links to other websites

Our privacy policy applies to our services on our websites. Our websites also include links to other websites. When you choose to visit these websites, our privacy policy no longer applies.


  1. Amendments

We reserve the right to make amendments in our privacy policy and continuously review its content to make any necessary improvements. Svensk Form will not reduce your rights as stated here without requesting approval of the amendments. Any amendments to our privacy policy can be found on our website.


  1. Summary

We reserve by law the right to collect limited information about you with the purpose of improving our services.


– We do not sell your information or share it with third parties

– We do not use your information for anything other than what we specify

– We ensure that all your information is stored securely

– We delete all information that we no longer use after checking if we have legitimate interest

– We continuously review our privacy policy to improve it and increase your security

– You are at any time entitled to request, correct or delete information that Mandelgren Magazine AB has stored about you
This version of our privacy policy applies from 1st of July 2018.


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