Foto: Patrick Miller

Hiding in plain sight

It’s been 42 years since Jonas Bohlin – then 28 years old and a freshly graduated interior architect – flipped the notion of what a piece of furniture should look like.

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Damn Critics! at Färgfabriken in Stockholm

In the exhibition Damn Critics architecture critics from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark write critiques of fictional works of architecture. The critical reflection departures in the critics’ own dreams and imagination. The written critiques are handed over to six designers from the three countries who generate form through model and drawing based on the critique.

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Powerhouse Telemark by Snøhetta

Powerhouse Telemark sets a new standard for the construction of environmentally sustainable buildings by reducing its yearly net energy consumption by 70% compared to similar new-construction offices, and by producing more energy than it will consume over its entire lifespan.

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Arctic architecture: Wild wild whale

Arctic architecture is trending. So what is the latest news from the wild? Behold The Whale, a spectacular proposal that won the competition for the design of a tourist center in Andøya, Northern Norway - created by fantastic Danish office Dorte Mandrup.

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Arctic Bath Summer Front highres 16_9

Arctic Bath will open soon

Soon the new international hotel Arctic Bath in Harads, Swedish Lapland will open up. Inspired by the success of Treehotel the floating hotel with cold bath planned on Luleriver is to be situated downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors. Arctic Bath will be a year round hotel, summertime free-floating and wintertime frozen on Luleriver.

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Snøhetta – in a cool place indeed

The Norwegian mega office Snøhetta designs the visitor center The Arc in Longyearbyen. This cone-shaped building, will be home to content from Svalbard Global Seed Vault, as well as the digital archive Arctic World Archive.

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The Farmhouse by Precht

Architecture studio Precht has developed a fully modular building system, which is prefabricated offsite and flat-packed delivered by trucks. The residents produce their own food in vertical farms. It’s an attempt to reconnect people in the city with the process of growing food.

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ALA Architects  20190102 Helsinki Central Library Oodi

Oodi Helsinki Central Library by ALA Architects

At the end of December 2018 the new central library Oodi opened in the center of Helsinki. The main concept of the project is the interaction between the library's floors, which are linked by the vertically stretched wooden volume covered with Finnish spruce timber. The structure of the building aims to expand the square's public space that continues on the inside. Surrounded by the park and cityscape, the central library offers a majestic view.

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Winter is coming – Gudbrandslie Cabin is the perfect getaway

The construction of the cabin is made of prefabricated solid wooden elements of spruce which resulted in a short construction time, a great advantage on site in the mountainess scenery and due to the sometimes harsh weather conditions. Designed by Oslo-based firm Helen & Hard Architects.

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This is Noma 2.0

Architect firm BIG has now released images of the famous Noma 2.0 restaurant, located in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The group of architects has transformed a deserted historic building that has become a Michelin starred and famous restaurant in the north. Enjoy!

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The world’s most scenic town hall?

Deep in the spectacular Faroese landscape is a town hall completely merged with nature: The green-roofed town hall of the small Eysturkommuna is not just a building but serves as a bridge for the citizens to cross the river.

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An inspiring summer house in the Stockholm archipelago

Is your vacation over? Here's some summerhouse inspiration! An archipelago residence with space for both social community and calm privacy, and making the most of an exceptional location. That was the vision for this summer house in Stockholm's archipelago, which combines Japanese simplicity with Scandinavian summer cottage tradition.

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Project by Marge Architects

Arkitekternas Rödfärgspris – some favourites among the nominees

Arkitekternas Rödfärgspris (The architects' Red Color Award) rewards architecture that, through various solutions, shows how modern contemporary design meets traditional sludge - ranging from private villas and cabins to public buildings. The winner will be presented at the Red Color Prize gala on October 25th.

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BLOX opens in Copenhagen on May 6th

In the heart of Copenhagen the new building BLOX will soon open. BLOX will provide a setting for recreational outdoor urban spaces, playgrounds, homes and cafés as well as a unique forum for the built environment with room for work, exhibitions, research and reflection. The opening takes place on May 6th.

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